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A legacy 12 years in the making, Glenbey12 years old perfectly meld the rich craftmanship of Scotland with the authentic spirit of Lebanon in a crescendo of enticing flavors that builds up and crashes on your palate with wave after wave of velvety opulence. Crafted with perfection in mind, 12 years old is the ultimate blend of elegance and sophistication for every whisky connoisseur who marches to the beat of his own drum.

Tasting Notes – Dignified, complex and matured for 12 years, this blend exudes delicate notes of Olorosso sherry, warm highlights of Manuka honey and caramel, and seductive tones that recall those of toasted vanilla and freshly baked bread. The palate parallels the bouquet and evolves from the lingering character of the Highland and Speyside malts into the mellow refreshing hints of tropical fruits and caramelized orange as notes of lemon cake and toffee apples caress the palate. It has taken twelve long years to produce this blend, but it only takes a matter of seconds to recognize its outstanding quality.

Produced in Scotland, refined and bottled in Lebanon.

A project collaboration between Ets Antoine Massoud S.A.L and Domaine des Tourelles S.A.R.L

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